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Mark Fowler and Service Dog Nahla

teach traffic survival school as a team.

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Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School in Glendale; PHX Metro AZ

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Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School - located at 8607 N 59th Ave, Glendale AZ 85302

TSS class never cancels | Licensed by ADOT MVD | ACNSC Certified Traffic Survival School

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​​​Traffic survival school is mandatory assignment by ADOT MVD or a Court. It does not remove points from your driving record and does not exist online.  We only provide ADOT MVD TSS mandatory 8 hour course; no other classes. If you're looking to avoid points on your driving record you need to visit Azcourts.gov​ for more information.

If you received a MVD "proof of assignment" letter to Arizona traffic survival school you must attend and successfully complete traffic survival school or risk having your driving privilege

suspended. Drive on a suspended license you risk being arrested, paying high fines and have the car impounded for 30 days or more. Traffic survival school is not voluntary, successful completion of assignment helps to ensure in keeping your driver's license valid.


Without proof of assignment you are not allowed to attend MVD TSS

Other than the ADOT MVD letter or Court Ordered "proof of assignment" letter the only other way to assure that you have been officially assigned traffic survival school is to visit

servicearizona.com and print out your driving record which will show MVD TSS Assignment. ADOT MVD requires you to surrender proof of assignment to the instructor on day of class. Proof of assignment is required for you to attend. Without proof of assignment you are not allowed to attend traffic survival school. Failure to complete MVD TSS assignment will mean driver license suspension. Don't risk having your license suspended. Register for class now.

What time does TSS class start/end? - MVD TSS requires 8 hours classroom instruction;
School doors are opened at 7:15AM for student admission, seating and check in. Be there and check in absolutely no later than 7:40AM or you risk being turned away. We will start the timer on the ADOT MVD contractor's Administration website when all students are present and/or instruction has begin. Be punctual; Do not risk getting turned away.​ ADOT MVD TSS 8 hour requirement does not include time for lunch, breaks or school administration time. We have a "working" lunch and provide Free Pizza to our students. Class will end no later than 4:30pm.

​​For additional information please visit our frequently asked questions page or you may call us between the hours of 8:00AM and 7:00PM any day of the week.

Together as an "Alliance" we can help make Arizona safer​ to drive and live in.


Mark Fowler | Manager
Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools LLC 

(623) 224-3920 | mfowler@azatss.com