Arizona Traffic Survival School vs Defensive Driving Schools?

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​​​​​​​Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School | Why us? | Class never cancels!
NO - We do not cancel classes or transfer student registrations at the last minute. If you're the only student on the roster with Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School ​we will hold class. 

​​​​​​​​​​What happens if the traffic survival school I pick cancels my class?

You are 100% responsible for successfully completing ADOT MVD TSS assignment within 60 days of date of action begins or risk having your driver license suspended. If the school you pick cancels class or transfers your registration you are still required to successfully complete your ADOT MVD TSS assignment. It must be done within the timeline stated by ADOT MVD.

How often can I attend traffic survival school?

Traffic survival school for State of Arizona can be assigned once every two years other than red-light / stop-sign running convictions which require ADOT MVD TSS assignment.

Traffic survival school for red light violations?

It's important for you to understand that a "violation" and a "conviction" are not the same. When a person runs a red light that's a violation; if found guilty in Court or pay the fine it becomes a "conviction." Every conviction of red light running requires traffic survival school.

"All convictions for red-light running, flashing red-light running, aggressive driving, reckless driving, moving violations resulting in death or serious injury and the first moving violation for drivers who are under 18 years of age require successful completion of Traffic Survival School following assignment."Quoted from: ADOT MVD Driver Services website. 

Arizona Traffic Survival School Class Dates and Locations?

There are approximately 89 schools throughout the state. Traffic survival schools in Arizona are privately held businesses licensed by ADOT MVD and certified by National Safety Council. Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools are located in Mesa and Glendale, Arizona.


Does traffic survival school remove points from my driving record?

No - Traffic survival school does not remove or help to avoid points.

What happens if you get a DUI in Arizona? Dui process and traffic survival school?

Every DUI conviction in Arizona requires traffic survival school. DUI screening, evaluation and education may be required by Court Order or mandatory by ADOT MVD. The DUI screening is a preliminary interview and assessment to determine whether education or treatment is required. Arizona DUI conviction will also require an ignition interlock device installation and SR22 Insurance policy. The "SR22" is a document that verifies that someone has automobile insurance. The SR-22 is prepared by an insurance company and then filed by the insurance company with the department of motor vehicles (DMV).​ "SR" stands for "safety responsibility."

How much does traffic survival school cost?

Traffic survival school registration with Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools includes your

$40.70 administrative State fee to the Arizona Chapter of National Safety Council.

Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School Refund Policy;
If you register and make payment in advance your payment is 100% fully refundable should you not complete your ADOT MVD TSS assignment with us. You can reschedule for Free

What can happen to people that do not attend traffic survival school?

"Failure to successfully complete Traffic Survival School when ordered will result in the suspension of the person’s driving privilege." taken from

​​Arizona Traffic Survival School online?  

NO - Arizona MVD does NOT allow "traffic survival school" to be an online course. This is true even "if you reside outside the State of Arizona" taken from the administrator's website.  

​​​​How long is Arizona traffic survival school?

ADOT MVD requirement of all Arizona traffic survival schools mandates 8 hours classroom instruction not including breaks, lunch or school administration time.

Will there be a Lunch break?

Yes - We provide FREE pizza delivered to our school. We have a "working lunch" which basically keeps us on the timer and means you could potentially get done earlier in the day. If you're not a pizza fan please feel free to bring a sack lunch/snacks at your own expense. Outside drinks or drink containers are not allowed in the classroom. We provide cold filtered water at no additional cost.


​​​​How do I know whether or not my Arizona driver license is suspended or valid? Visit to view and print your MVR.

Does attending TSS reinstate my license?

Approximately 2 hours after the "end of class" your MVD records will be updated. After which time you can either visit any MVD office to pay applicable fines and reinstatement fees or visit to reinstate online.

ADOT MVD TSS Letter of Assignment? What if I didn't receive or lost the letter?
If you did not receive or lost the letter you may have us print it for you on day of class or visit to print out your motor vehicle record which will show TSS Assignment case number and date of assignment. Call (623) 224-3920 for help.

What if I have a court order requiring traffic survival school?

If you hold a court order specifically assigning you to "traffic survival school" bring that court order with you to class. We are required to enroll you as a "walk in" and have no way to put you on the official state roster until day of class. This takes additional time and requires you to be at our school when doors are opened at 7:15AM.

May I reschedule my class?

YES - You may reschedule with us as often as needed at no additional cost. If possible please let us know ahead of time that you will not be in class on your scheduled date.

Is there a written test?

No - There is no official requirement for us to administer a written test. In our opinion a written test is not necessarily always in the best interest of the learning process.


What about classroom rules?

Yes -  Our classroom rules are in place to assure we provide a comfortable, safe, secure and fun learning environment. Foul language will not be tolerated, no sleeping, no cell phone usage or other distractions. Arizona Alliance TSS reserves the right to refuse service based on a participant; not actively engaging in the course, being disruptive or a distraction to the learning process, under the influence of drugs/alcoholic beverages, carrying weapons onto

school property or other established classroom rules that we have set in place.

Additional questions? Call (623) 224-3920 | Leave a message we will call you back.

Together as an "Alliance" we can help make Arizona safer to drive and live in.


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​​​​​​​​​What is traffic survival school? State of Arizona Traffic Survival School is an 8 hour classroom driver safety training course required for certain serious traffic convictions.​

Defensive driving schools managed by Arizona Supreme Courts is a voluntary 4 hour driver safety training course and diversionary program to help avoid points on driving record.