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  • Why us? | Traffic Survival School with Google 5 star rating
  • ​​We hold ADOT MVD TSS Class if you're the only one registered!
  • ​​Licensed by ADOT MVD | #5083
  • Public guarantee not to cancel MVD TSS class at the last minute
  • ​​​​​Free Pizza Lunch included!
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​$130 total cost which includes ACNSC Administration Fee
  • ​Permanent school locations | West Valley and East Valley TSS​​
  • Main Business Office - 8607 N 59th Ave, Glendale AZ 85302

Traffic Survival School Classroom locations in Glendale, AZ 85302 and Mesa, AZ 85210

Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Arizona traffic survival school is mandatory once assigned. It is not offered as an online course and it will not remove points from your driving record. Traffic survival school for

State of Arizona must be completed in a classroom environment with a live instructor licensed by ADOT MVD. This is true even if you reside outside the State of Arizona.

Arizona traffic survival school is assigned to drivers by ADOT MVD for all red-light/stop sign running convictions, 8 or more points assessed on driving record within any 12 month period. TSS can also be Court Ordered for reasons determined by the Court. Once assigned to traffic survival school it must be successfully completed within the time frame ordered by ADOT MVD or the Court. Failure to comply could mean contempt of Court and/or driver license suspension. Arizona traffic survival schools are separate from Defensive Driving Schools diversionary program to avoid points on your license. If you are looking for the 4 hour course to avoid points on your record visit

Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School | Why us?

If you need our service and you're the only student officially registered with Arizona Alliance TSS we guarantee not to cancel your class or transfer your registrationHaving possession of a valid driver license gives you the legal privilege to operate a vehicle for transportation to doctors, church, school, dentist, grocery store, employment, entertainment and more. We share the importance of what a valid license means to you. We will not cancel your class once you are registered on the official state roster with Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools.


Without proof of assignment you are not allowed to attend MVD TSS

Drivers are not allowed to attend ADOT MVD TSS program without being officially assigned. Proof of assignment letter of attendance or Court order documentation must be surrendered to the instructor on day of class. State of Arizona requires us to maintain a hard copy on file. If you do not have possession of your proof of assignment letter call us at (623) 224-3920.


What time does TSS class start/end? - MVD TSS requires 8 hours classroom instruction
School doors are opened at 7:15AM for student admission, seating and check in. Be there and check in absolutely no later than 7:30AM or you risk being turned away. We will start the timer on the ADOT MVD contractor's Administration website when all students are present or instruction has started. Be punctual don't risk getting turned away.​ The ADOT MVD TSS 8 hour classroom instruction requirement does not include time for lunch, breaks or school administration time. We have a "working" lunch and provide Free Pizza to our students.

​​For additional information about Arizona traffic survival school you may call us between the hours of 8:00AM and 7:00PM or visit Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School FAQ page.​

Together as an "Alliance" we can help make Arizona safer​ to drive and live in.


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