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Arizona Alliance TSS - Our Guarantee to drivers; if you're the only student on the official roster to attend traffic survival school with Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School; we will hold class for you...

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​​​​​Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools publicly guarantee never to cancel your class once you are registered. Scheduling traffic survival school is an important event that may require you to take a day off work, find a babysitter, or getting a ride to school. We do not transfer student registrations to other traffic survival schools, and we do not cancel at the last minute.

Some traffic survival schools will cancel your class at the last minute and that is a major problem when you were counting on that class to keep your license valid. Don't mess around with those schools, choose a school that publicly guarantees never to cancel your class.

At a public meeting of the traffic survival school industry in June 2015; ADOT MVD stated for

"calendar year 2014, 53% of all scheduled classes were cancelled."

A new administrative rule R17-5-312 was developed in 2015 to address this problem however some traffic survival schools in collusion continue to secretly cancel classes at the last minute. They do this to avoid business loss and increase profit margin. Collectively this allows them to continue rerouting and transferring your enrollment to one of their "partnering schools" to share in their profit margin. Students have complained that they were required to travel up to 30 miles away from the location in which they originally registered to attend ADOT MVD TSS Assignment. Arizona Alliance TSS does not reroute students ...​

Together as an "Alliance" we can help make Arizona safer​ to drive and live in.


Mark Fowler | Manager
Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools LLC