What is Traffic Survival School?

State of Arizona traffic survival school is an 8 hour driver safety training course assignment. It is required by ADOT MVD or a Court for certain serious traffic violations that include high risk driving violations that endanger public safety. Arizona traffic survival school is not voluntary and will be ordered by ADOT MVD or a Court. It must be successfully completed in classroom environment by an instructor licensed by ADOT MVD. State of Arizona traffic survival school online does not exist. It's not allowed as an online course for State of Arizona at this time.

State of Arizona traffic survival school is mandatory assignment; 

Once assigned to ADOT MVD traffic survival school it must be successfully completed within 60 days of the date action begins as noted on the corrective action notice letter from ADOT MVD or the date in which the Court paperwork dictates. Failure to attend and successfully complete traffic survival school will result in suspension of driving privileges. Failure to attend AZ TSS when ordered by a Court can also result in a charge of contempt of court.

Traffic survival school can be assigned for DUI, racing on roadways, reckless driving, all

convictions for red light/stop-sign running, aggressive driving, reckless driving, moving violations resulting in death or serious injury. Drivers under 18 years of age can be assigned to traffic survival school for the first moving violation conviction.

For additional information about the traffic survival school program in Arizona please visit our traffic survival school frequently asked questions pageArizona Alliance TSS FAQ or call us at (623) 224-3920 to speak with a licensed traffic survival school instructor.

Together as an "Alliance" we can help make Arizona safer​ to drive and live in.​


Mark Fowler | Manager
Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools LLC 

State of Arizona Traffic Survival School; driver safety 8 hour course assignment by ADOT MVD or the Courts

Traffic Survival School

What is Traffic Survival School?

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