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 Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival Schools - What do I bring to class? 

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You must bring the following Items to traffic survival school class:


1.) DRIVERS LICENSE - or Official photo I.D.

2.) TSS ASSIGNMENT LETTER - MVD requires all students to turn in proof of assignment to Traffic Survival School. Bring your letter showing ADOT MVD TSS case number or visit​ https://servicearizona.com/motorVehicleRecord to print your driving record. If you know your ADOT MVD TSS case number we can print your letter on day of class for $3.00

3.) Your payment - $130 money order. We do not take cards at school locations. If you need to make payment with a card use this link> paypal payment check out here.

We do not charge any fee to reschedule your class should you need to reschedule. If for any reason that you do not complete the 8 hour course with Arizona Alliance TSS we will refund your payment, and notify ADOT MVD that you did not complete the course.

​​4.) We provide "Free" pizza lunch included with registration fee - If you do not eat pizza you may bring a sack lunch or be prepared to have other food delivered to the classroom at your expense. 

5.) Awake and Alert Attitude  for learning about the Arizona MVD traffic survival school program. Please show up rested and ready to spend a day learning traffic safety. Sleeping in class will not be allowed. You have be awake and alert to learn traffic survival techniques.